We built and maintain this because we want to, we enjoy making stuff, and contributing to the Sim Racing community is awesome. Working with the various quirks, errors and omissions in the shared data which the games provide isn't much fun but it's all part of the challenge. Having said that, there are many many hours of hard work invested in this.
If you use it and like it and it becomes a regular and positive part of your sim racing, we'd be grateful if you would consider making a small donation. If only to stop our wives from complaining at us.

The Crew Chief paypal address is jim.britton@yahoo.co.uk or you can use this to donate directly: Paypal

Would be great to recoup some of the investment in making this, but the most important thing is that Crew Chief is used 'in anger' and enjoyed as part of the sim racing experience. To this end, we're always on the lookout for bug reports and feature suggestions.

One final point. If Crew Chief says "Jim is faster than you", let him through 😎

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